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Monday, October 15, 2012

Africana House at the College of William and Mary

I was invited to the Africana House to talk about my work with creating Rituals of Remembrance. It was great to be with these brilliant students who reside in the Africana House. I shared the beginning of the film "Sankofa" by Haile Gerima with them, spoke about Rituals of Remembrance ceremonies, my work at the African Burial Ground Project and the importance of following you passions. It was a great discusssion and I felt inspired being in the company of these students. In the picture, the students are holding the adinkra symbols Sankofa and Gye Nyame. Thank you again Professor Artisia Green for asking me to come to speak to your students and asante sana for the beautiful sunflowers:) We must teach our children who they are and the culture and tradition they come from! We must do this work!

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