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~ Chadra Pittman, Founder & Executive Director

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Giving a Libation to honor three brave African men who lead the way for the Emancipation during the Civil War

Honoring three brave men Frank Baker, James Townsend and Sheppard Mallory with a Libation who were enslaved in Hampton, VA. These men petitioned General Butler for their freedom at Fort Monroe. This courageous act lead to the "emancipation" of thousands of Africans who were eventually granted their freedom during the Civil War if they made it to the gates of Fort Monroe. These people were then known as "Contrabands of War" and it is believed that this decision forced the hand of President Lincoln to sign the emancipation Proclamation. I remember and call the names of these ancestors, all our freedom fighters, those who perished in the Middle passage to on the ships, at the shores, on this land, in Ferguson and Baltimore, the Colored troops and the Union soliders dumped in a mass grave in Charleston in 1865 which was how Memorial day began. #SANKOFARemembers Next year, I hope to get the flyer in advance so I can properly promote this to the community. Photos by Adrian Whitcomb