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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Do All Black Lives Matter?

So I just got off the line with a dear friend who has been on the front lines of the #BLM movement for the past 2 years. I was disappointed and angered to hear, once again, of the maltreatment they received by a person who was in attendance at a recent rally. I am further bothered by the lack of support my friend received by the bystanders who stood silent, witnessed the exchange and instead of calling out and holding accountable the person who made the offense, it was my friend they tried to silence as they advocated for themself. Let me say this... For me, when I say #BlackLivesMatter this hashtag includes the lives of Travyon Martin, Rekia Boyd and Lamia Beard. This means that for me the #BLM movement includes Black Cis males, Black Cis females, Black Non Gender Conforming, Black Queer, and Black Trans lives. Everyone's life is of value to me!!!! Excluding LGBT in the Black Lives Movement is synonmous with excluding women from a feminist movement. What would the March on Washington have been without Bayard Rustin?
As Ancestor Audre said, "We don't live single issue lives..." so I believe that our movement should not focus on a single aspect which comprises our identity. We are multidimensional, beautiful and complex human beings. Shouldn't our movement reflect that??? For me if the #BLM (or any other movements) is not inclusive, is not respectful and does not protect nor advocate for All" Black Lives, if intersectionality is not at its core then it is not my movement. I need everyone's lives to be protected and respected! Period! Side note, remember that #BLM was founded by three black queer women. Yeah, look it up... #AllBlackLivesMatter #CheckYourPrivilege #HumanRightsAffordedToAll

Who Built the White House? Africans that's who!!!!

NO ---The White House was built by "AFRICAN PEOPLE" who were stolen from their homeland and forced to work in this inuhamne and brutal system of American chattel slavery. They were NOT "slaves" -- they were "ENSLAVED" Africans. Check your language when you speak of my Ancestors please!!!! Thanks.