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"In the spirit of Sankofa, reach back and fetch your history
and your culture so that you will take purposeful steps into the future."
~ Chadra Pittman Walke

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

From NASA to the Moon to the White House- Dr. Katherine G. Johnson honored at the White House

NASA Pioneer and NASA Mathematician, Dr. Katherine G. Johnson was awared the 2015 Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama yesterday, November 24th at the White House. Dr. Johnson broke racial and gender barriers by being among the first African Americans and women to work at NASA in 1953. Dr. Johnson worked as a Mathematician and was known as a "Human Computer" when computers wore skirts. She is reponsible for every major space flight including calculating Alan Shepard's orbit of the Earth in 1961, which put the first American in Space and Apollo 13's Flight to the Moon in 1969 putting the First man on the Moon. It is said that Neil Armstrong specifically asked for Dr. Johnson to calculate the trajectory to the moon because her calculations were so precise. She is a West Va Native and a life Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.(notice her Kelly green AKA blanket on her lap) Dr. Johnson is a beautiful human being and because of her....we can. Dr. Johnson is sitting next to Willie Mays who also received an award. Thank you Dr. Johnson for inspiring us to reach for the stars and also the moon. #AmericanHistoryMade ‪‬

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Equality and Justice for ALL

The problem with these invites and apologies from upper officials is that it disregards all the others who have been treated unjustly. What about the families of the non famous and poor? What about the family of Tamir Rice a child who was shot in cold blood in the playground? Where was the apology then? These invites are a distraction. James Blake got an apology from the city of NY because he is a famous tennis player. What about the countless black and brown people profiled ///where is their apology? Let's deal with the real issues and offer an apology to EVERYONE or NO ONE at all. This is elitism and classism at work here. Pookie and Ray Ray deserve an apology too. #ApologiesAreDistractions

Friday, June 19, 2015

Respectability Politics about the Charleston 9

Conversations around the 9 people who were gunned down in church, I've heard... "They were hard working, educated, God fearing aka Christians." Well, I don't care if they were on welfare stamps and hadn't had a job in years, I don't care if they lived in the trailor parks or the ghettos, I don't care if they believed in God or were atheists, I don't care if they ever finished middle school or had a HS diploma-NO ONE DESERVES what they were handed. Let's not do the respectability politics here. These were human beings KILLED because of racism and hatred for human beings with black skin. Period- end of conversation. No degree or lack there of can justify these murders.

Monday, June 8, 2015


The Sankofa Projects PO Box 9543 Hampton, Virginia 23670 . 757-816-1579 . chadrapw@gmail.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact-- Chadra Pittman Walke “4th Annual International Day of Remembrance” Saturday, June 13, 2015 ~ 11:00 am ~ Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia Hampton, VA-- On Saturday, June 13, 2015, The Sankofa Projects will orchestrate its 4th Annual International Day of Remembrance at Buckroe Beach at 11:00am. The location of the ceremony will be at North 1st and Pilot Avenue on Buckroe Beach. Remembrance is an international ceremony which honors the millions of African men, women and children who perished during the Middle Passage of the Transatlantic Enslavement Trade. According to the United Nations, the “transatlantic slave trade” is known to be “the largest forced migration in history, and incontrovertibly one of the most inhumane.” “Death at sea was common over the course of slavery and millions of Africans were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean, drowned in ship wrecks or jumped to resist a life of enslavement.” says Chadra Pittman Walke, Founder and Executive Director of The Sankofa Projects. Established in 2012, The Sankofa Projects creates educational and cultural programs that explore the richness and diversity of the African diaspora through the lens of history and culture. "Recognizing the historical significance of the city of Hampton as the birth place of slavery in British North America and where the seeds of freedom were sown with the "Contraband Decision" in 1861, I felt it was imperative to start a tradition of Remembrance in Hampton. Remembrance is that ‘middle chapter, that untold story’ between slavery and freedom which needs to be told so that all understand the gravity and horror of this often ignored and cruel chapter of American and global history." says Pittman Walke, Last year, The Sankofa Projects received a Proclamation from the City of Hampton and Mayor George Wallace presented by Vice Mayor Linda Curtis acknowledging the 2nd Saturday in June annually in Hampton as The Sankofa Projects International Day of Remembrance. Remembrance is part of a long standing tradition which began in Brooklyn, New York in 1989 when author and activist Toni Cade Bambara put out a call for action for the community to “reclaim those bones in the Atlantic Ocean…All those African bodies in the briny deep.” Bambara’s words began an International movement which is celebrated annually on the 2nd Saturday in June across the globe. "Through Remembrance, The Sankofa Projects has aligned the city of Hampton with a larger International movement, creating a platform for the diversity of the community to gather, establishing community partnerships and creating a venue for public education .” says Pittman Walke Featured on the 2015 program will be Singer and songwriter Narissa Bond, Poets Synnika Lofton, Marisa Poulson, Shavon Glo Shines, and LaShawne Bryant, Legacy of Weyanoke, Hampton Performing Arts Musical Mosaic, Crystal Sessoms, Director of SEEDAHOPE Productions, Regina Scott Sanford, performing artist and owner of Culture of 1 Enterprises, Singer Shaunte Spears, Coyoba Dance Theater, a contemporary West African Dance Company under the Artistic direction of Sylvia Soumah, Reggae Artist TONAHOPE, Traditional African drumming and dancing and Educational Presentations. At 12:00 noon at Buckroe Beach in Hampton, an International Libation will be orchestrated by Baba Orimalade Ogunjimi of Ile Nago, which will occur simultaneously across the United States in Brooklyn, New York, Charleston, South Carolina; Georgetown, SC; Oakland, California, St. Croix, Virgin Islands and internationally in Panama and Ghana, and Senegal in Africa. Descendants are encouraged to wear African/Cultural attire and attendees are encouraged to wear colorful clothing. We ask all attendees to bring beach chairs and umbrellas to shade you and fresh flowers for the ceremony. We are grateful to our sponsors: Nserewa Adorned, Reiki Healing Arts, Living Divinity Services by Amani, Kente’s African American CafĂ©, Spruce’s Cutting Corner, Cecelia & Carlton Pittman, the City of Hampton Parks and Recreation and the Hampton History Museum for their continued support of Remembrance. Remembrance is free and open to the public however, we ask that all respect the sanctity of this sacred and historic event. For more information, contact Chadra Pittman Walke of The Sankofa Projects at chadrapw@gmail.com or 757-816-1579 www.thesankofaprojects.blogspot.com ####