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Friday, July 10, 2015

I Define Me!

I have never had the audacity to say to my Italian friends that they are not Italian because they were not born in Italy. I recognize their cultural and ethnic heritage and roots are in Italy whether their feet have ever stepped on Italian soil or not. The same things goes for African people across the diaspora. Check yourself if you find yourself challenging someone who is Black, African American, African Caribbean on their identification/connection with Africa. Being African is more than mere geography. Slavery screwed that up remember? Your insistence to challenge another on their heritage speaks volumes on your assumed privilege. Stay in your lane and as Bro Malcolm X once said, "Just because a cat has kittens in the oven, that doesn't make them biscuits.” ‬

"...with or without the evidence of slime...."

I acknowledge how Cosby and The Cosby show was revolutionary!!! It expanded the narrative, re shaped the paradigm, stretched the limitations of what this culture imagined when they thought of the black family. The show was transformative, ground breaking and showcased a pride for ones culture and celebrated "black love Is black wealth" as Nikki Giovanni says ever so beautifully. Even with all of that good of that show and as I reflect on what that show meant to me in my formative years, my love for Cosby dissipated years back when he self appointed himself as King and the Voice of black respectability politics, released Lisa bonet off the show after her nude scene in "Angel heart", when he made a mockery of the names black people gave to their children, when he blamed single mothers and young men for their unfortunate circumstances. Pull your pants up he says while he pulls his down. Hypocrite. And HE was the moral compass???? I do not support and defend of a man who admitted to drugging and raping women. Rape is a crime, the highest offense. The rape of these women is the most profound expression of misogyny and all things deleterious for women and throwing money Spelman, a historically Black female college is incredibly hypocritical and will not absolve you of your crimes. ‪#‎ByeCosby‬ ‪#‎IDontSupportRapists‬. ‪#‎EndViolenceEndRape4EVER