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~ Chadra Pittman, Founder & Executive Director

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day of Remembrance...

Hampton Remembers: 2nd Annual International Ritual of Remembrance Ceremony at Buckroe Beach On Saturday, June 8, 2013, The Sankofa Projects will host its 2nd Annual International Ritual of Remembrance ceremony on Buckroe Beach in Hampton, VA from 11:00am - 1:00pm. The location of the ceremony will be to the far left of the main stage and beach front at North 1st and Pilot Avenue. The tradition of Remembrance honors and pays tribute to the millions of African, men, women and children who perished during the Middle Passage of the Transatlantic Enslavement Trade. For the past 23 years, annually on the second Saturday in June, Tributes to the Ancestors/Remembrance ceremonies have occurred in cities throughout the United States and across the globe. A communal libation (spiritual pouring of water) occurs at 12:00 noon simultaneously in Charleston, South Carolina; Brooklyn, New York; Hampton, Virginia; Florida and California, Seattle, Washington and St. Croix, Virgin Islands and internationally in Ghana, West Africa and Portobelo, Panama. Again this year, the traditional libation will be performed by Baba Ifalade of Ile Nago at Buckroe Beach. Join us for a day of healing as we gather around the “Tree of Remembrance”, at the water and on the beach for reflections, drumming, spoken word, a traditional libation and expressions of cultural traditions and prayers. Distinguished guest speaker will be the Honorable Dr. Mary T. Christian, Former House of Delegates. Historical Presentations by Calvin Pearson of Project 1619, Inc., Dance performances by Afro-Cuban Dancer Ife Michelle and The Ubuntu Dance Collective Children directed by Founder, Sunshine Allison. Dr. Joanne M. Braxton, Founder of the Middle Passage Project at the College of William and Mary will read from her play, “Crossing a Deep River: A Ritual Drama in Three Movements”, Ms. Maat Free, Guardian of African Ancestral Remembrance in Richmond, VA will lead our journey through “The Forest of Family Trees”, Presentation given by Author Linda Holmes, Spoken word by Poets LaShawne Bryant and Marisa Poulson and Singer/Songwriter Narissa Bond will perform. “Recognizing the historical significance of Virginia as the birthplace of slavery in America, I knew we had to begin this tradition of Remembrance in the Commonwealth and in the city of Hampton in particular. Hampton is quite unique as it sits on both ends of the spectrum with regards to enslavement and the pursuit of freedom in America. From the arrival of the first ‘20 and odd’ Africans to Point Comfort in 1619 to the ‘Contraband decision’, the beginning and what would become the end of slavery occurred in Hampton.” states Chadra Pittman Walke, Executive Director of The Sankofa Projects; creator of National and International Ritual of Remembrance ceremonies. This event is free and the public is welcome to observe. We ask attendees to wear white clothing, bring beach chairs and umbrellas to shade you. You may bring fresh flowers for the offering. Partners for this year’s ceremony are Project 1619, Inc., the Contraband Historical Society, Hampton Parks and Recreation and the Hampton History Museum. For more information, contact Chadra Pittman Walke of The Sankofa Projects at chadrapw@gmail.com or 757-816-1579. ###

2nd Annual International Ritual of Remembrance at Buckroe Beach- Hampton Virginia on June 8th 11-1pm