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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Gift of the New Year...Random acts of kindness

The Gift of the New Year!!! So back in September I attended a wedding in Baltimore in a old Catholic Church. I sat in the pew in awe of the beautiful multicultural images of Jesus and bible folk on the walls and ceiling. The priest was an older Irish man whose church was filled with brown images all over the walls. I had never seen anything like this before as I grew up in a church where the images of God looked nothing like me. It is not often that I have seen brown images in a religious context displayed in this way. The sermon that the priest gave moved me to tears and laughter... So much so that I went up to him afterwards and thanked him for his words. I have him my business card as I always do with people I feel an affinity with. Months pass and on the first day of this new year I receive a note in the mail from Father Miller thanking me for thanking him that day. The crazy part is that he had been trying to reach me since Sept and I had closed my post office box. He kept trying and the envelope finally arrived to my home. Moral of the story... You never know by whom your heart will be touched, you never know how what you say will resonate with someone else, you should never let your preconceived notions about people,cultures or religion be barriers. I found in Priest Miller a kindness and sincerity that reminds me of to keep my heart open to the goodness out there...cause there is a lot of good!!! ♥

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