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Friday, June 19, 2015

Respectability Politics about the Charleston 9

Conversations around the 9 people who were gunned down in church, I've heard... "They were hard working, educated, God fearing aka Christians." Well, I don't care if they were on welfare stamps and hadn't had a job in years, I don't care if they lived in the trailor parks or the ghettos, I don't care if they believed in God or were atheists, I don't care if they ever finished middle school or had a HS diploma-NO ONE DESERVES what they were handed. Let's not do the respectability politics here. These were human beings KILLED because of racism and hatred for human beings with black skin. Period- end of conversation. No degree or lack there of can justify these murders.


  1. Chadra, I am so thankful that you have addressed this because it definite a much needed conversation that should be on a continuum to build up those within the community who because of the treatment of the oppression have developed a sense of "less than human" mentality for Black folks unless we are educated, articulate, and clean according to the standard of that white supremacy has dictated. We are human regardless.. we need to remember that inequality refers to a treatment and not a people.

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