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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"Her Breasts Fed a Nation--- Reflections on July 4th

On July 4th, I REMEMBER this woman, this Queen Mother! I think about her and all the others and how it must've felt to be forced to bare their breasts and feed the children of those who were enslaving her/them. To give her milk while her own child lay hungry. I think about how much Africans sacrificed for this land we call America. She and the countless of other Africans who were enslaved on this day in 1776, I REMEMBER them! These are my beloved Ancestors. I would ask the next time you frown upon someone who chooses not to stand for the Pledge or sing the National Anthem and accuse them of being non patriotic---remember her. Her breasts FED this nation. WHAT is MORE patriotic than that??? Yes, America gained its independence yet not everyone was free. Africans would remain enslaved for another 89 years after America gained her freedom. As HUMANS, if we ever hope to move forward toward, and attempt to heal from the horrors of this past--we MUST engage in honest conversations about THE TRUTH, the horror which was imposed on our fellow humans, the decimation of Native First Nations people, the trade of millions of African beings, the millions of lives lost in the Middle Passage, the misogyny and disrespect and rape of women, the racism, sexism, the disregard for GNC folk, the abuse of children, the neglect of the homeless and the elderly. We, HUMANS, have a shared history yet we must acknowledge that our experiences to this land are as vast as the ocean. I believe we can move forward towards recognizing our shared humanity. I'm willing to try...are you? #TheSANKOFAProjects #REMEMBRANCE Peace always, Chadra​ Image source: drdivah

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