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Friday, August 31, 2012

African Independence Day 2012

Habari Gani!!! Happy African Independence day!!!

"During the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League(UNIA-ACL) Convention of 1920 August 1st to August 31st, held in NY the Declaration of the Rights of the Negroes(Africans) Peoples of the World was adopted. In order to encourage our race all over the world and to stimulate it to a higher and grander destiny, we demand and insist on the following Declaration of Rights:

Of the 54 Rights Listed in the Declaration of Rights number 53 and 54 reads as follows;

53) "We proclaim the 31st day of August of each year to be an International Holiday to be observed by all Negroes (Africans).
54) We want all men/women to know we shall maintain and contend for the freedom and equality of every man, woman and child of our race, with our lives, our fortunes and sacred honor."

If I had two things to amend in the text below, it would be Negro to African and race to culture. I still cringe when I see or hear "Negro" being used to describe people of African descent. However, this text was written in 1920; very different times and out of respect for the movement I have posted the text as it was written. What is important is the work they were engaged in; that is the take away.
As well, I would describe people of African descent as a culture as humans are distinguished by cultures and fall under one human race.

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