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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

President Obama in Norfolk...My first born in the News

Tuesday was JC's 1st day of school and we are excited to have our first born in the first grade. However, when we learned that President Obama was speaking at Norfolk State University, we knew we could not miss this opportunity to share this moment in history with our sons.

JC wanted to film President Obama so his dad put him on his shoulder. Guess who was on the evening news??? JC and his dad are at 1.34 of the video and seen in the photo wearing the orange baseball cap.

Today was his first day in first grade and he is excited to be back in school. When he was asked at school this morning, "Where were you yesterday?", he told everyone, "I went to see President Obama". This video and picture are the proof! Seeing President Obama is history in the making...this is education at its BEST!!!!


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