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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Connections Across the Diaspora

"If you disassociate yourself with your Ancestral heritage, be that Japanese, Chinese, Indian, African, you are lost to your ancestral, your cultural heritage because you 're asleep. If you are alseep spiritually you can be oppressed and manipulated." by Ade Adelaja. When I heard these words by Ade Adelaja spoken in the beginning of the trailer for,"Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge I knew I had to see the film. I immediately contacted the directors and was told that I could purchase the film through amazon.com which I did. Once I received the film, I sat glued to the screen taking it all in. I had never seen a film addressing traditional African religions, asking the questions and posing ideas to contemplate in this way about why we embrace or abstain from Traditional religions. I knew I had to find a way to share it with others. Over the past few months, I have kept in contact with the director of the film. I was hoping to catch the directors at one of their screenings as they were touring the United States. Unfortunately there were no screenings scheduled for Hampton or the surrounding cities. I decided that this film had to be shared and discussed and The Sankofa Projects could be the vehicle to get it to the masses. I emailed scholars, professors and community people and shared the trailer and the buzz of interest began. I set a date to show the film at the local library and planned a discussion afterwards with scholars and members of the Traditional Religions. I emailed the director to share that The Sankofa Projects would be screening the film at the Hampton Public Library, as part of our mission is to serve as a liaison between the grass roots and academic community.

What wonderful news to see that our screening is listed on their Facebook page above and on the website for their production company below in this link. The Sankofa Projects is truly making international connections. This is what the Diaspora is all about!!! The Africana House at the College of William and Mary has decided to screen this film as well. This is fantastic news!! />

If you can, please join us on October 14th at 1:15 p.m. at the Hampton Public Library. This film is a must see and the worthy of being discussed.

"Ancestral Voices..."is truly food for spirit and the soul!!! Join us for the discussion afterwards with scholars, leaders and members of Traditional African Religions from our community. This event is FREE and open to the public. Please RSVP to chadrapw@gmail.com as space is limited. Thank you! Asante sana! Obrigado! Date: Sunday, October 14th Time: 1:15 p.m. Where: Hampton Public Library 4207 Victoria Blvd Hampton, VA Hope to see you there!!

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